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Indoor herb Garden

Winter is here, the herbs in the garden have disappeared until next spring, so being without a herb garden was not an option.

I constantly am thinking of ways to reuse things, as and where possible. I bought this beautiful old dough bowl, full of character and thought I could use the this as an indoor herb garden.

This is how I did it;

1. Heavy plastic lining sheet for protecting the dough bowl.

2. Cut enough to line the bottom and sides, in one sheet and tuck/place inside.

3. I use 2 window boxes, as I already had them, otherwise, I would have used 1 window box.

Cheap ones will do.

4. Small shingle/gravel stone for water drainage. Line the bottom of the window box, about 1"

5. Half fill with potting soil.

6. Water your herbs before planting.

7. Dispose of the plant pots and place your herb plants, about 3" apart.

8. Add more soil if necessary, as the herbs like to be snug in their soil.

9. I took bubble-wrap and filled any gaps to support the sides of the window boxes. Place bubble wrap lower than lip level, by about 2" then place moss all around and in between herbs, I like the look of the moss but you could place coconut shell or bark.

10. When all is finished, I only mist sprayed lightly.

11. Next day water as directed or as needed.

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