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          Collections started in 2017 as part of a brand within Ronni Logan Interiors design company.

The passion for collecting intaglios grew from her love of sculpture and so her private collection started

to grow, initiating new ideas and styles which has become her elite line.

Ronni designs bespoke pieces for home interiors the unique one of a kind compositions are considered collectable art. The company also does exquisite traditional gallery sets with single intaglios as well as using antique prints with the intaglio's artistically placed within the matting or print, they are of archival, museum quality.

Ronni's use of pearls with her intaglios has become her signature, as well as recycled jewellery and more. She has globally sourced antique's, vintage, architectural items and remnants to achieve this artful ornamentation.

            Collections started making public appearances throughout 2019 at Baileywyck Antiques, The Plains, Virginia. They embraced the concept, later that year, there was a debut at the 'Holiday Fete' with Doris Leslie Blau at The Washington Design Center, DC followed by a pop-up event with Kate Lluberes at Evans & Sheldon, in Georgetown, DC. Ronni designed two pieces for Josh Hildreth, interior designer of 'Maureen's Retreat' at the Famous Aspire Designer House in Mclean, DC followed by a TV interview, called 'Telling Stories.’

2020 saw the release of a newly styled collection called 'The Falls Amber Collection' this is the first line of sculptured pieces, which has been exhibited in Middleburg, Virginia by Atelier Design & Decor.  

When asked about their current up and coming collections, Ronni said, 'I'm in talks with several designers right now, and have just designed a modern collection,’ with ongoing commissions.

We were featured on Instagram by Milton & King this fall for our powder room called ‘How cute is your Loo.’

Ronni has been styling for Jewel Marlow, Interior decorator, design influencer with High Point Market and 'One Room Challenge' 2021, expert and entrepreneur as well as  the stylist Eddie Ross, CEO of Maximalist, and Jami Suspic style director of Home Maker @ HGTV Magazine. Works have been featured in Better Home Magazine and HGTV magazine. 

Ronni’s collection of sculptures was promoted by Editor, Nelina Loiselle of The Scout Guide Hunt Country Magazine, Vol.9.   

Paradise Antiques director, Ariane Carlés who is a collector of fine artworks, purchased a statue from Ronni for her own collection and displayed her art in her shop. 2022 ended with a show case at Domestic Aspirations owed by interior designer Daniel Moore in Marshall, The Plains, Virginia. 


2023 brings her first Gallery exhibition to be held by curator, appraiser & Hayley Sykes, CEO of Dwell Fine Arts & Craft, in Hume, Virginia with one TV show to air in the fall and with 3 home interiors underway life is busy!


As the collection commands attention, more exhibits will be forthcoming on our events calendar.

All paragon pieces come with a certificate of authenticity.



*Intaglios? From the Italian language, intagliare, to engrave and tagliare to cut. From late Latin tāliāre; a seal, gem, etc, ornamented with a sunken or incised design, as opposed to design in relief. Compare cameo by Collins English dictionary.


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