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Ronni cultivated her own personal sense of style through her history as a set designer & art director for Film & TV. Born in London, Hampstead, Ronni has that historical reference for those clients who seek originality in their design with European influences.

Ronni moved to the United States, 5 years ago and was eager to start her own Interior design business and she has successfully achieved her goals. Ronni has always brought antiques, vintage & collectables for resell, as well as her collaborations with other interior decorators and designer brands, with a popular following on her social media platforms. After great demand, it has been a natural evolution to provide professional partnership to clients in the DMV areas and beyond.

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Logan says, "I am at my best when I'm in my studio experimenting, transforming or inventing designs to bring to fruition". Logan paints in oil/mixed media when the time allows and has been commissioned for various pieces. Her father was a Marine Engineer, talented painter and Art Director for the film industry; Ronni spent years at his side from age 12, assisting him and proclaims that was her real apprenticeship.

Ronni designs residential Interiors, Styles for companies, Art Directs for Photoshoots and Commercials. Logan has a keen eye for the unusual, adventurous, and the classics with a real sense of the hunt. 



by Ronni Logan

Ronni started her own exclusive product line, called         Collections.


She sources and curates various historical and broken fragments and marries them with gems, pearls or other artefacts to form sculptures.

You can view some of her work on her website or social media.

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