meet ronni

Born in Hampstead, London, Logan has had a varied career, including film and television, as a set designer and prop buyer. "I've not known a time in my life, where I have not been interested in interior design, architecture or the arts."


Being a full-time designer makes every day enjoyable. She appreciates being around creative people, producing her work, solving problems and interpreting her client's design that someone wants to own "how wonderful is that, I always feel humbled every time."


Logan says, 'I am at my best when experimenting, transforming or inventing designs and bring them to fruition.'

Today Ronni, designs residential interiors/decor, styles for companies, stages for photoshoots and commercials, as well as buys for home interiors, from antiques to collectables for her clients, she also has an exclusive product line, called RL Collections by Ronni Logan LLC.


Logan has a keen eye for the unusual, adventurous and classics. She is a talented painter, which runs in her family and has been commissioned for a multitude of different pieces.


You can view some of her works and likes through this website or on social media.


Ronni advocates other designers and artists from all fields, she believes in collaboration with positive influences.







She quotes;

" Creativity is intelligence having fun." Albert Einstein