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Wasp Catchers

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Wasps catchers, bug catchers, humm, you put sweet water inside the bottle, the cork fits in the neck, so the bugs cannot escape and the bugs can not resist great idea, really works well........ but let's take a look at the container itself, a beautiful hand-blown glass piece that can be re-purposed... what for you ask yourself?

How about a candle holder, use some fresh foliage or in this case some faux foliage and you have a lovely gift or a; all year round purposeful item. They look great in groups! Sitting on wooden baguette broads, as a centre piece for your dining table.

These are European, they come in a couple different hints of colour. The lavender is so pretty but rare, usually clear blown glass or with a hint of green. Let me know if you sehave seenen any other colours, I would be interested to let other people know!

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