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‘Flaming Autumn’ is part of The Falls Amber Collection 2020 it is rich in Falls colours. The ‘Flaming Autumn’ fragment is from Goa and was part of a door arch which has been heavily weathered and would have been from an elaborate entrance (Year unknown)
The fragments have carefully been paired with other architecture parts form other places in the world, in this case from Belgium as part of a staircase railing with square gold plate wire
adorned with freshwater pearls, seed pearls, various pearls of colour with the beautiful desert rose crystal, amber Citrine, Clear Quartz, White Crystal Clusters, sticks and shards.  Seal stone intaglio Cabochons from Afghanistan with an animal piece is unique, handmade and collectable.


Dimensions: 17" x 6"


The Falls Amber Collection 2020 Statue

SKU: TFAC2020-07
  • This sculpture is delicate. DO NOT USE cleaning products on this item. You can lightly dust regularly, (please beware that some of these pieces are crystal shards) or keep it under a cloche to protect it from the enviorment.

    Glass Dome Cloche Bell with Base available. Look at sizing recommendation.


  • Staircase railing fragment
    Door arch fragment
    Square gold plate wire
    Freshwater pearls, seed pearls, various pearls of colour
    Desert rose crystal,
    Amber Citrine,
    Clear quartz points,
    White Crystal Clusters,
    Selenite sticks and shards.  
    Seal stone intaglio Cabochons


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