Styling Buffet. 2019
Staging photos. 2018

Large grouped Turkish olive pots staging for European Country Living (ECL)

Creating a different use.

This cheese bucket, I repurposed for candles, to make a different type of display in your home or beautiful gift.

Staging of French Linens

I created this display for ECL, providing the customer a visual of the fabric bolts, as well as being easily accessible.

Winter Wreath

I created this wreath from the Wisteria in my garden, into a winter display. with fresh foliage.

Zinc Topped Hungarian Work Bench

Creating displays for your table or other areas, in your home, here I've used white ironstone ware, from France, moss and exotic fruits, creating intrigue and a colour burst.

Styling in Spring 2018

There is nothing nicer, then the arrival of spring! I took, over sized pieces of cheery blossom and placed them into a large Asian vase, along with a few complementary pieces.